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“I want to be YOUR City Councilman”
“During my two terms on the Atlanta City Council, I had been the most active legislator, building coalitions and passing more legislation for our citizens than any other member per term, current or past.

Government Working Hard for you
Government, like any sector of our community, must care enough about its clients – our citizenry to keep up with technological advancements and other measures to increase efficiency and productivity.

Investing in Families
Protecting and preparing Atlanta’s youth does “take a village”. All of us have a role to play in creating a city where our children will learn, grow and play in safe and clean nurturing environments.

Safe Communities
In order to provide safe and livable communities, civic association, public safety officers and local government must work together to monitor, report and weed out criminal elements when they develop.

Promoting Business and Economic Development
The city of Atlanta is responsible for providing business enterprise with the infrastructure and user-friendly government environment to help develop a prosperous economy.

Balanced and Sustainable Community Development
Edward Law Olmstead once called Atlanta the “City Among the Trees”. Maintaining our identity as a beautiful, clean, and tree lined city of neighborhoods is important to preserving Atlanta’s charm and magnetism.

Improving Infrastructure
Improving our city’s streets, bridges and water management system is of great concern to me and many other Atlantans.